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 I host workshops on writing and ecology to invite deeper and broader connection with ourselves, each other and our planetary community.
Here's what attendees have said:​

"Mary's depth of knowledge is impressive. She digs deep and makes her audience think." -Jessica C.

"Mary uses multimedia and the arts to elicit emotion that touches our hearts, minds and bodies and gently but surely moves us in productive ways." Josh E.

"Mary cultivates the necessary discomfort to reimagine this subject. She welcomes questions, dissent and leans into the challenge of deconstructing societal assumptions." Meg F.

"Mary's presentation was brilliant. Activities, discussion and empathy to drive the point home." Pixie T.

"Mary's intellect and humility are a needed dualism to create space in which conversation and action, debate and engagement can occur. She has an awareness of her audience that draws you in." Rachel C.
The imagination at play is emancipatory medicine through which we create community: with ourselves, each other and Earth.
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