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Often, conversations regarding our environmental plight are mired in fear and blame. But I believe that addressing Earth's desecration is spiritual work, meant to evolve us individually and collectively. Thus, based on my insight gained through years of research and work in the environmental field, I facilitate workshops on how we develop richer, deeper community with our abundant Earth and all Her inhabitants. To accommodate your time needs, workshops can stretch from one hour to multi-day retreats. Contact me about speaking to your group.
 topics include:

Coming Home: From Scarcity to Abundance

Deconstructing Sustainability: Reconstructing Community

Inequitable Impact

Environmental Privilege: the Flip Side of Injustice

Poetry as Activism

Resacralizing the Desecrated

KKFI Poets & Rhythm
The imagination at play is emancipatory medicine through which we create community: with ourselves, each other and Earth.
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