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quantum leap

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

when first I catch sight

of the stink bug

her marmorated brown carapace

stark against

the white wall of my kitchen

I am startled

my mind busies

with the why and how

of her presence

so much square footage

for myself and

I am inhospitable

to a thumbnail size traveler

seeking shelter

yet she cannot remain

aversion of the stranger

is marmorated through me

I scoop her up

gently speaking:

let’s take you outside

there’s nothing here for you

I fling her out the backdoor

into the garden believing

it’s there she


she will find kin

food and shelter

more suitable than

what she sought for herself

in the hundred-year-old house

which I’ve claimed as mine

but my mind lingers on her

even after I squeak

the screen door shut

one moment she was

climbing a vast expanse

then floating in darkness

before freefalling

into wet green and brown

Is this what is asked of us?

to carry ourselves away

from the walls that claim us

from centuries old structures

leap back into the garden

where we belong,


one and all?

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