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leave the leaves

Yes, leave the leaves for birds, bees and other insects. Yes, leave the leaves for soil health. Yes, leave the leaves because they'll support new plant growth.

But let's also leave the leaves for ourselves.

Earth is showing us, showering us, giving us abundance. Always. Why rake that abundance away? Why scour, shove and smash abundance into bags to be discarded? Why partake in rituals that insist on scarcity? Why deny what is generously given?

Even if we don't understand it, even if it seems messy. Maybe instead, be grateful for the exuberant colorful messiness. I suspect this could invite abundance into the parched places in our lives that have become too accustomed to scarcity. How might leaving the leaves provide shelter, nourishment and support for the us that longs to be drenched with the sweet smell of leaves, the kaleidoscopic autumnal palette, the splendorous heaven underfoot and all around?

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